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Cycling Schools

Cycling Schools in Beira Alta

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Vasconha BTT Vouzela
966 214 664
Sagiper / NSCP Mortagua
919 256 754
Escola Montemuro Cycling / CB Castro Daire
Castro Daire
919 454 839
Academia de Ciclismo de Viseu
969 459 307
Escola de Ciclismo de Tondela
965 788 727
Escola de Ciclismo Linces Azuribike
925 717 922
Bike Zone Team
934 666 453

The role of cycling schools in society.

In the last decade, cycling schools stopped being just training clubs that had coaches specialized in the sport, and became institutions that prepare children and young people for the future.

Anyone who thinks that cycling schools teach only how to pedal is wrong! In addition to stimulating psychomotor capacity, combating childhood obesity, combating a sedentary lifestyle and encouraging physical activity, in these schools children learn from an early age the importance of social values, the importance of teamwork, the importance of facing adversity, the importance of having goals and the satisfaction of achieving them.

In addition to these values, the current reality has given even more importance to cycling and the importance of gaining a connection to the sport from an early age. Nowadays, the use of bicycles plays a fundamental role in terms of environmental concerns and the sustainability of the planet. By changing routines and behaviors with regard to urban mobility, we can achieve extremely important benefits for the survival of ecosystems. What will stop these children from traveling to school by bicycle? Or for work in adulthood?

At cycling schools we are not focused on training future winners of the Tour de France, but rather on training the adults of the future, transmitting to them values and teachings that will one day be useful in their personal, professional and social lives.

Our schools, in addition to cycling schools, are above all “Schools for Life”.

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