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Membership in the Beira Alta Cycling Association is part of the "Cycling for All" program, promoted by the Portuguese Cycling Federation. This sports license is suitable for the daily practice of cycling on public roads, whether as a form of leisure or as a means of transport. The annual membership includes sports insurance (personal accidents and civil liability), and costs €36/39.5.

Sports insurance covers accidents resulting from daily cycling (road or mountain biking), from January 1st to December 31st, 2024, in Portugal or abroad, including participation in official events licensed by the Portuguese Cycling Federation. Membership also allows access to various discounts, under the protocols signed by the Portuguese Cycling Federation. (See the advantages of membership here.)

Payment of the annual membership fee can be made by ATM (payment details sent by email immediately after submitting the form)

For additional clarifications, you should contact the Beira Alta Cycling Association, via the email address ", or via the contact number +351 967 761 277.

Valid until December 31, 2024 for training and events (Road or MTB) or circulation on public roads.

- Death or permanent disability due to accident: €28,043.00
- Treatment and repatriation expenses due to accident: €5,000.00
- Funeral expenses (expenses): €2,700.00


- Capital covered per member, claim and annual fee: €50,000.00


- Includes Personal Accident (AP) and Civil Liability (RC) insurance
- Exempt from AP and RC deductible
- No age limit
- Under the terms of art.14 of Decree-Law 72/2008, of April 16, the policy does not cover the risk of death from accidents for children under 14 years of age, maintaining all other coverage
- AP policies are valid in Portugal and the rest of the world and the RC policy is valid in Portugal and the European Union
- Coverage allows you to freely choose medical/other service providers

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